Monday, February 16, 2015

February Playlist

This month, I've really been into listening to music as I finally hopped back on the Spotify bandwagon. I had been using Pandora for a long time because I get sick of music really quickly, but I decided I missed Spotify too much and that it was time to make an updated playlist. I still use Pandora at the gym, but for when I'm studying or hanging out at home, Spotify is my go-to. Since the beginning of the new year, I've been really into (I hate to use the word but) "chill", more relaxing songs with a few upbeat ones thrown into the mix. I know I'm late to the game, but John Mayer and Jack Johnson are two artists I have recently started listening to and have been loving! In fact, I'm listening to John Mayer as I type this :) I still like finding new tunes on Pandora channels, but I can confidently say I have been converted to a Spotify lover! 

Are any of the songs I mentioned on your playlists?
Do you have any similar recommendations for me?


  1. Spotify is my absolute go-to! Banana Pancakes is one of my oldie favorites & Thinking Out Loud is a song that I've planned to play at my wedding reception, so you've got a lot of good picks :)
    I recommend Smoke by A Thousand Horses, it's a really sweet but chill song. Or Marley by Kenny Chesney! I think you'd like them both if you like John Mayer and Jack Johnson!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  2. Banana Pancakes is such a classic! I don't know if you've discovered the playlists on Spotify yet, but I really like one called Afternoon Acoustic, and given this playlist, I think you'd like it too!

    -Emily xx
    A Pile of Good Things

  3. John Mayer is the best music for literally every mood/occasion. Donavon Frankenreiter is another artist with really "chill" but fun songs.

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon

  4. I love some of these songs as well! I recommend listening to Ben Rector too... his songs fall into the "chill" category for me haha!
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick

    1. OMG, I love Ben Rector! I was just about to recommend him!

  5. I recently hopped on the Spotify bandwagon as well and love creating monthly playlists (I wrote a similar post to this last month!). John Mayer is one of my favorites as well!
    xx, Catherine |

  6. The vibe of this playlist is perfect, I feel like a coldplay throw back might fit as well :)


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