Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Semester Organization

For me, starting off the new semester on the right foot is so important for my success, and can really impact my attitude and grades. There's something so refreshing and motivating about having new materials and a freshly cleaned workspace to get things done on. Here are a few things I do to prepare for the new semester (and here is a post with some other things to do from exactly a year ago!).

+ Clean off your desktop and reorganize your drawers

+ Delete old files off your computer to clear up storage

+ Back up your laptop and phone 

+ Stock up on new pens, pencils and highlighters

+ Rearrange binders and get rid of old papers 

+ Clean out your backpack and locker 

+ Buy a new notebook(s) for your classes 

+ Make a list of goals you want to accomplish 

Any other things you would add to this list?
Good luck with your new semester friends!


  1. Great post Caroline! I will definitely be using your tips on this upcoming semester once I get through finals!

    Sophia B.

  2. Loved reading this post! My desk is pretty clustered right now so I really need to organize it ;)

  3. Great ideas, I may hate starting back to classes but I always love the new start :)

    xoxo, SS


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