Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Goals for 2015

Haaappy New Year! I love turning a new leaf and starting a new chapter. For me, 2015 is going to be all about starting fresh. I've cleaned my closet, am about to do a purge and clean out my desk (it could really use some TLC) and get back into my healthy eating and workout habits. I have lots of fun organization posts scheduled (my personal favorite) so stay tuned for those! Also, I have my 8 general goals for myself above. Here's to a productive, fun and adventurous 2015!

Travel to 4 new states
I traveled to California, New York, Ohio and Minnesota this year, so I want to try to knock out another 4 states in 2015! So far I have a trip planned to Dallas in January for college visits and hopefully a little sojourn to Rhode Island this summer.

No french fries for the entire year
I did this in 2013 and what do you know, I didn't break it once! French fries are my guilty pleasure but clearly they aren't too good for you. I think I can give this one a try again!

Do another 5k run
I will be the first to admit that the Drumstick Dash I did on Thanksgiving was a lot harder than I was expecting... Not to mention it was freezing cold and I didn't quite think that one through. My goal for this year is to train a little more and maybe do a run when it's a little warmer out!

Narrow down my college search
This past year I've really narrowed down what parts of the country I want to go for college and what types of schools I'm interested in. It's crazy to think that I could know where I'm going a year from now!

Reach 6,000 followers on Instagram
This one really excites me! I want to take my Instagram and social media to the next level, and I really want to hit 6,000 or even more.

Read 10 new books
This is a bit of a stretch but I'm going to try to make a habit of reading before bed since it helps me wind down and fall asleep a little easier. Any recommendations are welcome!

Try 3 new workout classes
This year I tried kick boxing with my brother and I think we can both admit it was much harder than we expected. I would love to give zumba, barre or spin a try!

Drink 8 glasses of water a day for 2 weeks 
I really think this one could be the hardest. Yes I am an avid water drinker, but 8 glasses is pretty difficult, especially for 2 weeks! I'm going to test it out in January and see if I can do it, then continue it on if it's successful.

2015, here we comee! 
What is your biggest goal for yourself for the new year?


  1. I love your idea of trying new workout classes. Sometimes new group classes can be intimidating, but you may end up loving it. My biggest goal is to drink more water in general. It's crazy to think how much sugar we consume just through other beverages.


  2. These are great New Years resolutions! I'm envious of your willpower- I don't think I could give up fries for the year without cheating every now and then haha! I'm also hoping to take some new exciting work out classes!

  3. You have the most willpower of anyone I have ever met to go a year without fries and want to do it again! Potatoes (in any form) are my favorite things EVER. These are wonderful goals, though! You are setting yourself up for a very productive 2015 (:

    xo, Taylor | The Taylor Diaries

  4. These are all great goals!! Can't wait to foow along for another year!

  5. It's Kind of A Funny Story, The Spectacular Now, and Gone Girl are all really fabulous books to read! I'd definitely recommend using GoodReads to keep track of what you've read and to find new book recs as well.

    Emily xx
    A Pile of Good Things

  6. French fries are my weakness too, haha! I don't think I could ever go cold turkey though :) A few of mine are to be on my phone less and really enjoy quality time, blog more and take more photos. So far I am doing really well! I cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store for you!

    Beautyosaurus Lex

  7. I see that you've got lots of stuff lined up on your agenda. Picking the right college could be rather tricky, if not nerve-wracking to a near-intolerable degree, with all the benefits and pulses of options overlapping. You should try to get as much help and outside opinion as you can, far as everything is concerned because the decision you will make can either make or break you. Anyway, thanks for sharing that! I wish you all the best!

    Deborah Williams @ Choice Career College


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