Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Mat Workout

For those days when I am feeling a little lazy but still want to get a workout in, I often opt for a mat routine. Whether I decide to go to the gym or do it at home, I still get an awesome full body workout and I don't have to do any insane cardio! This one in particular is great because it isn't a hassle and requires no other equipment besides a mat. On another note, I recently found this motivational blog written by a girl named Lauren Gleisberg (the routine is from her site), and I strongly suggest you check it out. She posts different workouts everyday as well as providing helpful fitness tips and tricks. She does a great job and I think you'll love her! 

What other "non-hassle" workouts do you do?

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  1. I've never done some of these variations before, I'll have to try this workout today! Thanks for sharing her blog - just added it to my reading list.

    Alex | Mrs. Mason Dixon


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