Thursday, November 20, 2014

How To Stay Healthy During the Holidays

As much as I love (and I mean love) the holiday season, there's always the tricky task of maintaining a healthy(ish) diet and staying active while doing so. It can be so tempting to eat a plate full of Christmas cookies or an extra slice of pie, but this excessive indulgence often leads to overeating habits that will stick with you into the new year - and who wants that?! I've come up with a few helpful tips to keep in mind for these next few weeks that I think can really be important to remember, especially the day after Thanksgiving when you're feeling guilty about all those carbs!

+ Plan ahead
Do you know you want to have an extra large side of your grandma's famous mashed potatoes? Be sure to plan what you'll generally be eating in order to assure that you won't suffer from that post dinner remorse of consuming too much (we've all been there). If you're like me and your Thanksgiving dinner consists of lots of carbs, load up on fruits and veggies for breakfast and lunch the morning of to ensure you get your vitamins in for the day.

+ Stick to your workout routine
This year I'm planning on doing a run with friends the morning of Thanksgiving and then the day after I usually spend a little extra time at the gym. Besides that, adding a bit more into your normal routine is key - whether it be some extra cardio on the treadmill or a few more sit ups. I also love the idea of taking a walk with family right after dinner to help your food settle!

+ Stay hydrated
As usual, staying hydrated is really important, especially during these next few weeks. Not only does it fill you up, but water also helps to keep your skin moisturized and keep headaches away. Try drinking a glass or two before going to a holiday party and maybe those chocolate truffles won't look too appealing anymore ;)

+ Load your plate with healthier options first
I live by this rule at lunch at school - when you first put fruit and veggies on your plate, you are more inclined to eat them than if you fill your plate with unhealthier things first. It sounds weird, but I promise it works!

+ Eat slowly
Like professional food experts, eat nice and slowly to really enjoy the tastes and flavors of the food. Sometimes I find myself inhaling food and I don't even take the time to really enjoy the taste. Chew every piece about 30 or 40 times to really get the delicious flavors.

I hope these tips are helpful and applicable to the upcoming holiday season!
Are there any other ideas you have to eat healthier?


  1. Love the idea to do healthier foods first! I've been starting my dinners with a salad lately and it almost always keeps me away from the unhealthy options.

    Katie // The Sophisticated Student


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