Monday, November 24, 2014

6 Ways to Get in the Holiday Spirit

Happy Thanksgiving week friends! Now that we are in the homestretch and the day of being thankful is just upon us, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my tips and tricks for getting into the holiday spirit this season. In my family, we always go out and pick a tree as well as decorate the house the day after Thanksgiving, so all the excitement for Christmas starts right after we are done feasting. That being said, now is the time to gather ideas for decorating and making your home feel a little more festive to get the excitement going!

+ Make a Christmas playlist
Pandora is my absolute favorite music website because it lets you specify which genre of music to stick to, but always surprises you with old favorites and new recommendations. Create a Holiday playlist and blast it when you're in the shower, doing homework or in the car running errands. 
(Michael Buble's Christmas channel is my personal favorite!)

+ Decorate a tree
Is there anything more fun than decorating your Christmas tree while belting out some tunes? You don't have to just stop at the big tree in your house - Target has a bunch of small trees for as little as $10

+ Pick out a seasonal candle 
I'm not usually one for candles but during this time of the year, nothing is better than the warm, scented feel of a little light next to you. Sometimes lighting a gingerbread candle on your desk while doing homework is just the right motivation to get you through finals. 

+ Make a bucket list 
In the fall (and even the summer), I always have so many fun ideas of what I want to all do throughout winter, but I can never remember them when it actually comes time to do them! This year, I made a bucket list of every thing I want to do, whether it be a movie marathon with friends, ice skating or a new recipe to try. That way, if I have a day with nothing to do, I can check some of the items off my list! 

+ Deck out your bedroom
This is perhaps my favorite part of the day after Thanksgiving I mentioned. I get out my little tree and tie bows with pink and green ribbon instead of ornaments, hang up some lights around my window and maybe add a furry throw or blanket to my bed to make my room feel extra cozy. To be honest, I'm thinking about doing a separate post entirely dedicated to decorating your room for Christmas! Let me know if you're interested :)

+ Stock up on festive treats 
Lastly, it wouldn't be the holiday season without gingerbread men, marshmallow hot chocolate or chocolate peppermint bark. Search for some recipes on Pinterest and give them a try - definitely a fun Sunday morning task! 

Now please enlighten me: what do you do to get in the holiday spirit?!


  1. Picking out a seasonal candle and getting some holiday treats are two of my favorite ways to start the holiday season!

    Prep on a Budget

  2. I love this entire list! Adding peppermint to everything is my go-to way to get into the holiday spirit :)

    Oh Genevieve // Oh Genevieve

  3. Please do the room decoration post!

  4. I would LOVEEEE to see the Christmas room decoration post! Btw love your blog and your amazing style :-) keep rocking!

  5. Michael Buble during Christmas is life, but really lol. & seasonal candles are probably my most favorite part of this time of the year! I would love to see a decorating post & a bucket list post :)

    xoxo, SS


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