Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Instagram vs. What Actually Went Down

Since I've seen several other bloggers doing this fun post, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and do it as well! Instagram is one of my favorite aspects of blogging, but my pictures aren't always exactly how they appear. I hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look!

Instagram: Look how chic and street stylish I am! Few people can rock gingham jeans in the heat of the summer, but I am one of those fabulous people!

WAWD: This picture was taken in the middle of a New York City street (in the 95 degree heat mind you) and I nearly got ran over by a line of taxis while attempting to take a #fromwhereIstand picture. I didn't really comprehend how hot is was going to be when I was planning my outfits before I left, which was really unfortunate because I thought I was going to black out every time I walked outside an air conditioned building. 

Instagram: Just a casual snap from a night out on the town in NYC. And isn't my citrusy gelato too cute?!!?

WAWD: Ok, this is an awkward one. I was out to gelato with Mackenzie and Amy, two of my most favorite bloggers, when Mackenzie offered to take a picture of my gelato for me. I was shaking so much (because it isn't everyday that you are sitting across the table from your role models) that I was freaking out that I wouldn't be able to hold the cup up in a steady position. And I really wanted to try the chocolate gelato, but I thought the brown wouldn't correspond with my feed so I forced myself to get the raspberry and lemon instead #bloggerproblems. 

Instagram: This cosmetic is so preppy and fun and so am I since I take preppy and fun pictures while I work at my preppy and fun job! 

WAWD: I will admit, both this cosmetic and my summer job are preppy and fun, but I have the most hilarious story behind this one. No one was in the store so I quick ran out the back door to snap a picture of this cosmetic bag (gotta get that natural lighting) only to find a random lady glaring at me in the parking lot, most definitely judging me. Oh the things I do for Instagram #lesigh

Instagram: Look at me! I'm so cool because I dress up for every occasion, including studying for my Pre-Calc test. And isn't my messy pony just the coolest thing ever?!

WAWD: Ha, I was wearing an oversized t-shirt and nike shorts doing my homework for hours until I realized I hadn't Instagramed in a while, so I threw on my chambray shirt (that I had to pull super tight from the bottom because otherwise it looked too wrinkly) and quick took a picture. Not to mention, my hair looked too disgusting to wear down so I threw it up in a hair band and called it a "messy ponytail". Don't worry kids, I don't wear button downs 24/7. 

I hope this post wasn't too weird - I thought it would be something funny to make your Wednesday a little better ;)


  1. This is adorable! I love these types of posts!


  2. This is awesome and super lovely! Please do these posts more often!

  3. Haha so funny! Made my morning!

  4. I'm kind of in love with this! Such a creative post =)

    xoxo, SS

  5. I love reading these post. This one was great!

  6. HI-Larious!! Thanks for #keepinitreal

  7. My life in a nutshell.

  8. This is too funny, Caroline! I love these posts!

    Constance || Prep Northwest


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