Monday, July 21, 2014

Kate Spade on Madison Avenue

One of the most exciting and worthwhile things I did on my trip to New York was stop into the Kate Spade store on Madison Avenue. I didn't know what to expect besides the fact that I heard it was amazing. When I first walked in, my jaw dropped. Not only was the store huuge (5 floors!) but the chandeliers that hung in the front were absolutely stunning (see the first photo for evidence). Besides the gorgeous decor, every product you can imagine was tucked away into a cute corner, whether it be glitter heels, colorful iPhone cases or silk dresses. Not to mention, there was the cutest little rooftop terrace that had a great view of the street! The best part, though, was the incredibly sweet ladies working there. Frannie and I chatted with them for a good 45 minutes about the city, blogging and fashion in general. It was such a great start to our trip and I can't emphasize it enough: if you're in the city, definitely head to the shop! You won't be disappointed ;)

Have you been to the Kate Spade on Madison Avenue?
P.S. Sorry for the picture overload!


  1. One of my most missed places of NYC! I used to frequent the UES just for Kate Spade when I used to live in Manhattan. Thanks for sharing your experience :)

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  2. The Kate Spade on Madison is one of my favorite stores in New York. So glad to see that you enjoyed your time in the city!

  3. The Kate Spade in London is smaller but absolutely wonderful. The ladies who work there are so helpful, polite and fun!

  4. I am SO JEALOUS! Next time I'm in NYC, I will have to visit the Kate Spade store! All of your pictures from the trip is making me want to go back even more!

    xoxo, Sydney


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