Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Fours

Happy Friday! This week has gone by surprisingly slow, but in the best way possible. I started my first official week of work (more on that below) and enjoyed lots of rainy days home with friends while squeezing in a few workouts here and there. All in all, it was the perfect relaxing week before I start tennis and ACT prep next week. 

I ordered the cutest heels from Old Navy, and I'm not going to lie - I am surprised how nice the quality is! I can't wait to wear these babies in New York in a few weeks. 

On Monday Frannie and I attempted making macarons.. It was a bit of a challenge to say the least and they turned out a bit rough, but the process was so fun. We're definitely going to work on perfecting our recipe this summer because how fun would macarons be as a party dessert?

I've thankfully had a lot more time to read so far this summer, and I have definitely been taking advantage of it. Before I go to bed and every morning when I wake up I read for a few minutes, and I love every minute of it. I just finished Something Blue (love that series) and am starting Where'd You Go Bernadette (finally!). Let me know if you want to see a summer reading list!

Lastly, what Friday Fours post would be complete without a job recap? This was my first official week of work and I am obsessed. For those of you who don't know, I am a summer employee at the cutest stationery store near my house and it is the perfect thing for me. I learned how to work the monogramming machine to personalize totes and acrylic tumblers, I decorated the storefront window and put together wedding invitations. It has been so fun and I can't wait to continue working (even though it doesn't feel like work!). 

I hope you all have had a great week!
What are some of your summer jobs? I love hearing!


  1. What a fun job! That sounds perfect. Love the photos, especially those Old Navy heels!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

  2. I love those heels! Right now I work at a local theater and it is so much fun!

    Prep on a Budget

  3. LOVE those heels! They remind me of a pair I saw at J.Crew a couple weeks ago. You have to read Crazy Rich Asians (not sure who it's by) and Southern Charm by Tinsley Mortimer. I've been dying to read the Something borrowed series after watching the movie but wasn't sure how I would like it, guess I'll have to pick up a copy!

    Admired By Ally

  4. That job sounds perfect for you!! I re-shelve books at my local library and it is absolutely my perfect fit... It's an amazing feeling to be paid for something that doesn't really feel like work ;)

  5. i love the idea of trying to make homemade macaroons, i've never tried but i might have to...even if they don't turn out as anticipated!


  6. Sounds like the perfect job! Loved this post!

    XOXO, Savana

  7. Love the heels! That job sounds perfect, right up your alley.



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