Monday, May 19, 2014

Top 5 Women I Admire

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Last Friday night I had a lazy evening in catching up on blogging, emails, and recorded tv shows. I was in an "inspired" mood and decided to watch a two hour special on Barbara Walters, since she had retired from the View this week. Not only did I learn so much about her life, but I also saw what an incredible career she had. Barbra is such a role model for women everywhere, and inspired me to write this post on other women I admire as well.

+ Jackie Kennedy
Jackie O is forever my girl crush, for both fashion and as a first lady (so much so that I did my entire NHD project on her in eighth grade!). Whether it was her infamous pink chanel suit or her eloquent French speaking, this first lady captured hearts of people all around the world. And of course, she was known for her impeccable style both before, during and after her short time in the White House.

+ Jenna Lyons
Creative Director of J.Crew, need I say more? Jenna has completely revolutionized J.Crew, making it the well-known brand it is today. The lady owns 300 pairs of shoes, what's not to love! She's known as the "woman who dresses America" and is never dressed without her signature oversized glasses and button down shirt.

+ Barbara Walters
Of course, the lady who inspired this post. Barbara has interviewed everyone from President Obama to Miley Cyrus to Jane Fonda. She's hosted the Today Show, the View and 20/20, and done so with such intelligence and class. Growing up, I always watched the View with my mom and wanted to be a journalist, so you can imagine I'm pretty sad she's not going to be on the show anymore.

+ Sheryl Sandberg
I didn't really know much about Sheryl before I heard her speak at Blogher last summer, but came to realize what an incredible entrepreneur she is. Being the COO of Facebook, Sheryl has maintained one of the most popular social media sites along with writing her famous book, Lean In. Her enthusiasm is contagious and is a great example of a successful woman in a "man's world".

+ Emily Schuman
Last but certainly not least, Emily from Cupcakes and Cashmere has always been one of my favorite bloggers, and the person I look to for trends and recipe ideas. She built up her blog so much that she receives millions of page views a month, and has even partnered with brands like Coach and Club Monaco to create beautiful pieces. Emily is one of the most famous bloggers I know, but also one of the sweetest and classiest.

There are so many other women I admire, but these are definitely my top 5! Who are 5 women that inspire you? Comment your list below!


  1. I'm a big Barbara Walters fan (have you read her book Audition... I highly recommend it!). She's done so much for women in media!

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  3. I am reading Lean In right now and her success story is great inspiration for women entrepreneurs!
    -Renee (gimmeglamour)

  4. Wow! What a great list of women to admire. They are the epitome of the modern woman - strong in the face of adversity, while maintaining grace and beauty inside and out. I remember the farewell episode for Barbara Walters, in The View, and it's an amazing feat and an incredible testament to her character and achievements. Thank you for sharing this top 5 list of yours. Always stay amazing, Caroline!

    Christian Pearson @ League of Women Voters


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