Wednesday, May 21, 2014

4 Healthy Snack Replacements


+ homemade fruit popsicle for ice cream 
If you've never tried making a homemade popsicle, you definitely should - even blending up a smoothie and freezing it can taste delicious, and for a fraction of the calories in ice cream. I'm also dying to try these fruit cones this summer!

+ roasted almonds for potato chips
Substitute greasy potato chips for roasted almonds (salted are my personal favorite!). You get the same salty and crunchy taste but instead of all the sodium, you get tons of protein, not to mention a small handful of almonds can really keep you full whereas potato chips make you crave more.

+ green apple for sugary candy 
I know I know, fruit instead of candy? A good green apple is so sweet and sour, and can taste quite similar to a sugary kind of candy like skittles or nerds. And of course, they are loaded with Vitamin C and other antioxidants.

+ water with lemon for soda
You know how when you have something in front of you, you're likely to eat or drink it subconsciously? This is exactly me at school when I have lemon water. Not only is it absolutely refreshing and delicious, but it also has a similar taste to Sprite or Sierra Mist. Pop a lemon wedge into your water bottle and you'll be hooked!

What are your favorite healthy snack substitutions?


  1. These are great substitutions! I love the fruit pop instead of ice cream!

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  2. Mmm I love fruit popsicles! Haven't had them in forever but your post now has my craving them :)


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