Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Fours

I so apologize for basically falling off the face of the blogging earth this past week (maybe it was just me, but I feel like I was completely MIA these last couple days). Luckily, I have a three day weekend and can really spend some more time chatting with you all on social media and planning some more fun posts. I can't wait!

Mother Nature, shame on you for teasing us with those few days of beautiful sunshine and then returning to chilly temperatures. The only thing that's getting me through this patch of cold, windy weather is the amount of stunning flowers everywhere. I can't get enough of all of these pretty blooming tulips, roses and geraniums! 

I've reeeally been trying to make healthier choices lately (Easter candy really isn't helping, ugh) and this Trader Joe's green smoothie was actually the best thing ever. One of the employees claimed it didn't taste "green" and curiously, I decided to try it. Oh my goodness I cannot recommend it highly enough! You have to try one they are amazing and I promise you cannot taste the different greens in it. 

Eek this Gap shift is kind of the most perfect thing ever. I've been eyeing it for weeks and I finally had the chance to stop into the store to try it on. I was disappointed because it ended up fitting quite oddly, but it is even cuter in person. I can't wait to share a similar purchase from Gap with you soon - I'm obsessed to say the least ;)

Speaking of obsessed, how incredible are these Warby Parker glasses? My mom was in need of a new pair so we ordered a bunch to try on since they have the coolest try-on policy. Even though I don't need glasses (trust me, I've tried pulling something just to be able to get some tortoise specs) I decided to wear them for a bit and I instantly felt smarter, as odd as it sounds! If you are wanting some new glasses, Warby Parker is definitely the way to go. 

I hope you all have a great long weekend and enjoy your spring breaks!


  1. Oh wow this is so funny because I have the exact same style glasses! But they are my actual prescribed glasses; but I totally understand what you mean about feeling different when you put then on! I feel more sophisticated haha


  2. I love your Warby Parker glasses! Totally agree about the weather this week- 55 degrees then snow the very next day?! So crazy. At least it looks like it's spring from now on though :)


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