Thursday, March 6, 2014

Girl Crush: Lupita Nyong'o

When I first saw Lupita on the red carpet, I'll admit, I had absolutely no idea who she was. Who was this girl in the flowy blue gown? I thought. All I knew was that I (as cliche as it sounds) was struck by her beauty. Not only her physical appearance - a total stunner (those arms!!!) - but you could just tell how confident and comfortable in her own skin she was. She looked like such a happy young lady and it really showed through in her appearance. 

After noticing her walk down the carpet, I decided to pay extra attention to her throughout the award show. Her posture, grace and elegance were just a few things I noticed when the camera flashed on her. When she won best performance for supporting actress, I was elated. A hard worker and a recent graduate of Yale, I couldn't have been more happy that such a bright girl had gotten an Oscar. Not to mention, her speech was so inspirational (watch it right here). Lupita is such an incredible reminder that perseverance can get you anywhere you choose. I did a little more research on her and found this extraordinary speech she gave on beauty and her own struggles with feeling pretty throughout her life.

It's so refreshing to see a young hollywood actress that isn't so self-absorbed and into looking perfect, isn't it? The message that Lupita sends is such an essential one to girls everywhere that putting your mind to something and being confident in yourself can really get you far.

I felt like my blog needed a little motivating inspiration for us women this week.. don't you think? 
Are you as impressed by Lupita as I am?


  1. I love Lupita! She is one of my favorite new actresses!

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  2. I definitely agree. Lupita not only has gorgeous taste (that pale blue goodness), but is a true role model for girls everywhere. I was genuinely thrilled at her oscar win and her lovely speech. Looking forward to seeing a lot more from her!

  3. #teamlupita - I'm obsessed with her. She's seriously such a fashion icon as well as a very inspirational lady!!

  4. Love her. She is beautiful!


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