Monday, February 24, 2014

Clean Slate

After reading Carly's Prep Talk for this week, I found myself completely inspired to also share this incredible method of starting fresh with a "clean slate" with you! With the busyness and stresses of everyday life, at the end of the week my bedroom and bathroom floors often resemble the aftermath of a hurricane. Clothes are scattered all across the floor and numerous tote bags and odds and ends pile on top. I get so lazy throughout the week that I don't feel the need to put away my clean laundry or return shoes to their appropriate places in my closet. Even if this doesn't happen to you all the time, I'm sure you all know this feeling, right?

Yesterday, however, I woke up on a mission to put away all of my clothing and other items in order to feel fresh for the upcoming days ahead (this is my birthday week of course). I blasted music and challenged myself to get everything put away after five songs had played. Personally, I have a true love for cleaning and organization so it was quite fun for me #nerd but I challenge you to do the same thing this week! Even taking ten minutes every night before you go to bed to put away your clothes can really make a significant difference. I've also been laying out my clothes for the next day before I go to sleep to avoid a "what should I wear today" moment in the morning. 

And you know what? I feel so refreshed knowing that everything is put away and clean!

How are you going to start off on a clean slate this week?


  1. Love this Caroline! Inspired me to start the new week off right

  2. That is always the best feeling! I recently went through all my clothes to pick and choose which ones I didn't need anymore. It felt great to have my closet organized again!

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  3. With my busy schedule I frequently find my bedroom looking like a war zone at the end of the week! You are so right, cleaning up and getting a fresh start before Monday always makes me feel a bit more sane again.

  4. I couldn't have related more to Carly's Prep Talk yesterday. It was a fantastic way to start of my week. I'm definitely working on getting my planner organized considering that's where my life is kept!

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