Thursday, January 16, 2014

How to be Healthy January

Hellooo everyone! Today I am starting a fun new series called "How to be Healthy January" where I will be posting ways to create healthier habits in your life. For this first post, I will be talking about what I do to live a more nutritious lifestyle and then I will have two more posts coming up where I interview a few of the most fit people I know. January is definitely the month people stress out about eating nutritious foods and exercising more, so I thought this would be a great series to kick start your resolutions!

The first thing I want to start with is a little motto for living an active lifestyle: 
I think it's super important to get excited about being a new healthy person because when you're enthusiastic about something, you're more willing to stick with it, right? Keep in mind how much better you will feel after a few days!

Going along with this idea, I have 5 easy tips for you to live a healthier lifestyle:

Stock up on fun supplies to get you started.
Whether it be some new workout shorts, a monogrammed yoga mat (you seriously need this) or a pretty headband, buying a couple things to get you pumped about working out can be really helpful in getting you excited. Lululemon, Target and Thomas Kelly are my absolute favorites for workout wear and fun accessories to go along with it. 

Find delicious and nutritious snacks.
Studies are starting to show that eating more, smaller meals throughout the day is better than three larger ones. Eating wholesome snacks during your day will keep you focused and energized, plus who doesn't love taking a little mental snack break once and a while? A few of my favorites include: yogurt with granola and fruit, almonds and a clementine, an apple with peanut butter, a strawberry banana smoothie, or carrots and humus, amount countless others. Pack one or two for the day and you will be set! 

Set a bedtime routine.
They don't call it "beauty sleep" for nothing! It is essential to make a set time to wake up and go to sleep everyday, and do so as regularly as possible. Getting more sleep will keep you energized and less stressed. If you have trouble falling asleep (it happens to the best of us), I like to snuggle up in my bed with a few magazines and a warm drink. 

Drink water.
I know I have mentioned this several times before (see here) but I cannot stress this enough: drink water, and drink it often! On a daily basis I try to drink at least 64 ounces of it. By drinking more water, you will flush out toxins in your body, get more energy, aid in digestion, etc. Try to drink 64 ounces or half of your body weight a day!

Figure out your favorite way to exercise.
Exercising should not only be a great workout but something you actually enjoy! While I personally love running on the treadmill and going on the elliptical at the gym, most people have other ideas when it comes to shedding calories. Spinning, jazzercise, yoga, tennis, you name it! Determine what you love and stick with it. 

 I hope you enjoyed this first edition of How to be Healthy January!
Are there any things you would like to see in the future posts?


  1. This year my new year's resolution is to cut back on soft drinks. I allow myself one a week. (Unfortunately, I have picked up on sweet tea as a sugary alternative) I also want to be more active. Now that I have my license I can go to the gym when I want, I just have to find the motivation. I went for the first time this morning. I am feeling so refreshed!


    1. I have a diet coke addiction which is really hard to beat!

  2. I had a guest post on preponabudget's blog today with some tips like this! Congrats on this resolution!


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