Thursday, January 9, 2014

Getting Organized for the New Semester

Like many of you, this is my first week back at school. I can't say I'm really excited or really dreading going back, but let's just say I'm going to try to ease back into this week as best I can!

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you probably have figured out what the organizational freak I am. When it comes to school in particular, I like knowing exactly how I'm going to arrange everything, whether it be what I have in my backpack, how I organize files on my laptop, or simply which pens and pencils I keep in my pencil case. I've gotten everything down to a system that I like and since it is a new year and a new semester, it is the perfect time to clear out your old binders and start fresh!

Here are a few steps on getting set for the new semester: 

:: Clean out your drawers :: 
Both going through and rearranging your desk and dresser drawers is something I love to get out of the way. It helps you find things more easily and who likes having extra junk lying around anyway? Cleaning these out will give you less anxiety about losing things as well.

:: Empty out your backpack ::
If yours is like mine, then your backpack is probably like a black hole. I often cannot find important things like my calculator for weeks because so much stuff piles up! Remove everything and take inventory of what you have, what's missing and what you need to buy more of.

:: Clear out old binders and folders ::
But make sure to keep everything! I like to file papers from previous semesters in accordion folders and keep them near my desk so that I have them but they aren't taking up the current semester's space. If you use them, I recommend buying new binder dividers so they aren't ripped or bent.

:: Go through your pencil case :: 
Ok, this step isn't necessary but I love starting off the semester with a few new pencils and pens! When I buy school supplies at the beginning of the year, I store some extra supplies so I can restock fresh ones when mine get old and beat up. Make sure you only have writing utensils that you actually use in your pencil case!

:: Organize your electronic files ::
After a few weeks, my computer desktop usually collects a few too many files stacked up on one another (you know what I'm talking about?). This clutter drives me crazy so I make sure to place items I don't need in the trash and then correctly file documents that I still need. See this post for how I use desktop folders to file things!

I hope this post was helpful and that you have a great new semester!
What do you do to start the year off on the right foot?


  1. These are great tips even us non-school students could use. Those pencils are too cute btw!

  2. Yes! I totally agree with this, I'm actually posting about going back to school also! New year, starting fresh, time to get organized (:

  3. It's so silly but I am looking forward to my second semester because it means I open a new pack of pencils and restock my pens. It's the little things that keep me going!
    Madylin @

  4. I love to be organized. I just feel so much better when everything is together nicely. Great Post!

  5. You seriously have the CUTEST school supplies!

    xx, Julianna {}

  6. I defintely have to have a tidy up and clear out of my desk and school supplies before each semester - I swear that my mind feels less cluttered and more focussed after! Plus cute school supplies are always a great motivator for me :P

    Belle //


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