Thursday, January 2, 2014

Drinking More Water

One thing I am really striving to work on this year is how much water I drink. I'm one of those people who naturally loves the taste, so it isn't a problem to drink it, yet somehow I never end up drinking the recommended amount everyday. So, this week I am challenging myself to drink 8 glasses of water everyday! This doesn't sound like much, but trust me, I've tried it before and I didn't get far! 

I challenge you to try this as well because there are tons of health benefits to drinking lots of water and I promise, you'll feel great! In case you need a cute water bottle to help get you started (I know I need one), check out some of my favorites below. 

Is drinking more water on your 2014 resolutions list?


  1. I totally agree! It is something I have been trying to do for a while now too!

    Prep on a Budget

  2. Such a great goal - something so simple that has so many benefits! I just made the switch from coffee to green tea and it's amazing!


  3. This is one of my goals for the new year! Sometimes I'm really good at drinking loads of water (over 10 glasses a day) but I'm kind of in a rut right now. I've noticed I drink more when I keep my camelbak filled up since it's so easy to drink from and I use my phone to keep track of how many cups I drink a day.

  4. this was one of my goals last year and im proud to say i did it! first things first- find a huge waterbottle! i highly recommend the 32oz/ 1L nalgene and drink about three of those a day. it seems like a lot at first, but if you challenge yourself to drink a few more ounces each day it gets easier! i had a camelback and found that it was too small and that drinking it really hurt my teeth. train yourself to have a sip every 10 minutes and it will become a subconscious habit after a few days. hope this helps! the benefits are great!

  5. this has been a goal of mine for a while but I've never been successful :( maybe the new water bottle will make a difference!

    Rachel @


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