Monday, January 6, 2014

Cold Weather Fashion

Considering my winter break was extended today due to extremely low wind chills here in Wisconsin, I felt like this post was much needed. I'm assuming most of you are experiencing this cold front as well so I thought it would be perfect to start off this chilly week! Here are a few things you can wear that are sure to keep you warm.
Wear a warm coat with a fur hood. Some may think it is a trend no one has donned since the 90's, but I think this kind of outwear has definitely made a comeback this season! 

Buy a warm hat and an oversized coat that you love. You don't have to spend a fortune to find a chic jacket - places like H&M and Gap even have great options that won't break the bank and will still keep you toasty! Make sure to layer thick sweaters underneath for extra coziness.

Lastly, if you live in a snowy climate, warm boots are a must. Whether they are riding boots or winter boots (these are my absolute favorite!), snug footwear really makes the difference when you are walking outside. And don't forget to add a pair of J.Crew camp socks too!

I hope you are all staying warm in this weather! 
What do you wear when the temperatures drop?


  1. I love your cold weather fashion! We are currently experiencing the same thing here, so it will definitely be a no travel day for me; good thing I have the Lilly sale!

    Prep on a Budget

  2. love all those picks! i just got a pair of bean boots and have been loving pairing bright and patterned socks that poke out of the top. actually now that i think about it, i am wearing that in my post today hahaa.

    hope you are keeping warm. it is freezing down here in kansas city and i know it's even colder in your area!

    xo mk

  3. It's been FREEZING in Chicago and I've had so much fun wearing my new favorite beanie. It keeps my ears toasty warm and is just too cute! Great post Caroline!

    XOXO, Kate

  4. It's freezing here too and I've had my fur hood on top of my head! I really need a new pair of snow boots though!

  5. haha SO lucky! I wish I got an extra day of Winter Break! I live in Florida and we are just experiencing our little bit of cold weather tomorrow, hope it's not too cold (:

  6. It's cold here too! Love that jacket in the first picture. My go to is my puffy VV long coat.

  7. I seriously love those duck boots! too bad they're not necessary in Florida haha

  8. Where can I get those red tan brown boots?

  9. Yes! I love those! Please share you secret of where I can find those!

  10. Where can I get these boots?

  11. Where can you find those boots?!

  12. What brand makes those boots? On the hunt for some duck boots!

  13. uggghhhh pls tell where you got these boots !!!!

  14. Hi Caroline,
    Very nice article you have shared here on Cold Weather Fashion. I read your sharing and enjoyed very much. Winter boots are very needed. Thanks for your excellent share.


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