Thursday, December 5, 2013

Post Thanksgiving Workout Plan

If you're like me, or really any person in America, then you most likely consumed a little more food than you would have liked this past week. (Talk about a plethora of waffles, peppermint bark, turkey and pie!) While it doesn't hurt to have a serious amount junk food every once and a while, it is essential to not create bad eating habits that will be hard to break in the future!

So, I have compiled a workout below for you to try out in case you are feeling like you're stuck in this eating slump as well:

In addition to doing these exercises, I am going to try to drink more water every day. It'll give me more energy to finish off the semester and flush out all of the bad toxins that have collected in my body! 

What do your workouts consist of lately?


  1. I have absolutely no workout plan, but I really need to get one because I've been eating TOO much lately. This is a good one to try!


  2. Ugh thank you for sharing, I really need this after all the holiday food I ate last weekend!

  3. Thanks for sharing Caroline! I must try this over the weekend.


  4. i have been watching this girl on youtube called "Sarah Fit" and some of her dorm room workouts are awesome! you should totally look them up.
    this looks like a great work out too!

  5. I'm so good at drinking a logo of water. I'm kind of obsessed with drinking it and it of course has its benefits. And I tend to work out 5 days a week for dance practice, it's just eating healthy that I need to get into the habit of doing!

    XOXO, Kate

  6. I have definitely been needing motivation to work out. It's nice to see others posting about their work outs and fitness goals! Thanks for this!

    Constance || Prep Northwest


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