Monday, November 4, 2013

Warby Parker Winter 2013 Collection

Did I ever tell you that I've always wanted glasses? (Take a look this post to see what I mean!) Even though I may not need glasses at the moment, it almost makes looking at them even more fun. I can dream of styling them with different outfits and even curling up with a book and some hot chocolate with them on. Think of it as a snowy, dark-wooded library lodge on the East Coast kind of look ;)

That's what's so amazing about Warby Parker's Winter Collection for 2013. Their inspiration was to create glasses that were perfect when"doubling up on thermals, watching your breath steam up the window and scribbling through a Sunday crossword puzzle." Sounds like winter wonderland perfection, am I right?

Here are some of my favorites:

I've always been a tortoiseshell kind of girl but after seeing those green frames, I think I could be more adventurous! And if you just aren't smitten with Warby Parker yet, check out this and I promise you will change your mind! 

Ahhh I cannot wait until the day I can scoop up some glasses for real. 
Be sure to check out the collection that comes out today!
Which pair is your favorite?

This post was sponsored by Warby Parker


  1. I love Warby Parker glasses! They are so classic and chic :)


  2. I love my Ainsworth Warby Parker glasses, they're only $95 so I'm always so tempted to get more than one pair!

  3. You can get glasses even if you dont need them!? Count me in! So cute, too!

  4. I've been on the hunt for some new glasses lately! I'm loving those tortoise ones :)
    You're totally right- they remind me of New England/Harvard in the wintertime :)


  5. I love Warby Parker too..The Winter collection looks great-thanks for sharing!


  6. Haha everybody is doing a Warby Parker post today :P

  7. I don't need glasses Either!! But totally want to wear then and Have Ordered...a few pairs...maybe:) from Warby!!

  8. I love Warby Parker. In my picture in my about section I am wearing my Warby's. They are a no brainer!


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