Monday, October 28, 2013


One of my absolute favorite things about fall and winter is that you can wear vests. Whether they are quilted or flannel, vests guarantee a fun and put together look! I am an avid J.Crew Excursion vest wearer (ehem see here) so this whole cold weather thing is getting me thinking that I may need to inVEST in one or two more... 

Here are 3 of my favorites at the moment: 
one // two // three 

Any vests you are fond of?
Do you prefer vests or jackets?


  1. I love that stripe vest! It is so cute :)


  2. I love the J Crew puffer vests! I've seen puffer vests at Old Navy too. I really want to check them out because they're a fraction of the price and resemble the J Crew ones so much :)


  3. Loving everything Herringbone right now! great choices:)

  4. I love the first two! Vests are an awesome fall accessory!

  5. I am definitely looking into getting a Patagonia vest AND a J. Crew Excursion Vest!

  6. I have the Patagonia in pink and it's really comfy! I would definitely recommend it.
    xx, Bess

  7. I love the first vest that you showed and the one in your previous post about the super bright pink one. So cute! You should definitely do a "how you style vests" post. I'd love to see how you wear yours!

    xx, Katelyn

  8. Definitely check out Old Navy's vests! Half the price of J.Crew's and great quality so far! (And they are oh-so similar.)

    xx, Julianna {}

  9. I got the the striped J.Crew one about a month or so ago and have been wearing it multiple times a week-- SO comfortable and worth the investment. Also snagged a tweed one at Old Navy really reasonably that I am loving so far!

  10. I have the quilted vest from J. Crew Factory in both navy and herringbone. I wear both of them regularly and love them! Vests are perfect for layering. I may add a third to my wardrobe considering how often I wear the other two!



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