Thursday, September 26, 2013

Look For Less: Navy Glitter Loafer

I wore my gold glitter loafers to death last year so when I found a navy version, I knew they had to be fabulous! For $39 at Gap you can snag these or if you are wanting to splurge, try this pair from J.Crew. If you're hesitant on how to style glitter loafers, take a look at this ensemble. But whichever shoe you choose, I think it's pretty obvious you will wear them for months to come!

Navy glitter: are you a fan?


  1. Adore any shade of glitter and pretty much live in blue so these just made my wishlist. Thank you for the post!

  2. Thanks so much for this price comparison! I always love it when I can find style for less :)


  3. I love when people show looks for less, it shows you can have great finds at any price. I love those Gap shoes, they fit right in my budget!

  4. Looove these! I have a pair of gold glitter loafers from a couple seasons ago, and they add such a fun touch to any outfit!

  5. I actually prefer the cheaper pair over the J. Crew! :0

  6. I love these glitter loafers! I have some glitter ballet flats but these loafers are amazing!


  7. I love Love the Darby loafer from J crew! I usually do "the look for less" but if you've ever tried on the Darby, there's a HUGE diff. and my ones from Gap fell apart and stretched out super quick:(

  8. I actually like the Gap loafers better than the J.Crew ones!

    - Melissa


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