Friday, September 13, 2013

Life as of Late

A couple days ago it struck me that I don't really do that many "lifestyle" posts on citrus & style. As much as I would love to share every little detail about my life with you, I definitely have to keep some things private because, well, this is the Internet and there are some creepers out there!

I really do want to chat about my life on my blog though because I think it would be nice to reflect on little things that happen to me and, if you are like me, you might even enjoy hearing about my week! So, I've decided I am going to try to do a little reflection about the past week or so every once and a while to mix things up. Sometimes I get the feeling that there's too many fashiony things that I post and I really don't want to ruffle anyone's feathers with too many "check out the new items at J.Crew!" and "I'm loving this new bracelet!" posts. Ya know what I'm sayin? And since I love the element of a brief reflection, maybe the Friday Fours set up would be just perfect!

With that being said, here are 5 things I've been up to lately!

:: one ::
Last Friday and Saturday I had a played in a huge tennis tournament with 16 different teams from around the state. After some pretty close matches (and one nerve-wracking nail biter of a final match), I ended up winning 3 out of the 4 I played! I am one of those people that absolutely loathes having people watch me play because a) it makes me nervous and b) I'm not very strong under pressure so when my team and all of the parents watched my last match, I kind of freaked inside. Luckily, I ended up winning that match in the tie breaker (11 to 9... oh lord) because otherwise I probably would have started balling on the court... no pun intended ;)

:: two ::
Speaking of tennis, working out so much has forced me to down water like crazy. Do you ever have those moments when you need water so badly that nothing else will satisfy your cravings? Yeah, I've been having those a lot. Especially after my coach makes us do interval running around the track after practice. Who knew running a mile would help your tennis game! If you are not so content with the taste of water, try out these flavor drops to put in your water! My brother has been obsessed with them and now drinks water on the daily, a big step for him! 

:: three ::
 I am ob-sessed  with the tortoiseshell cuff I purchased from Design Darling during Mackenzie's birthday sale. It's quite difficult to not wear it every single day... 

 :: four ::
Guys. Every one of you needs this Lilly Pulitzer pencil pouch. No joke. It is such a lovely size and come on, the elephants are too stinkin adorable. I have received countless compliments on it in class and after seeing it E and friend from my school even bought one. And for $10, you can't beat the quality! Please do yourself the favor and go purchase it right now. I promise you won't regret it!

Well that wraps up my first Friday Fours! 
I hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you like this whole "Lifestyle" series!


  1. Great post! It is always nice to see what everyone is up to!


  2. Congrats on your tennis win! Thats awesome you were able to remain centered during the tie breaker. Have a good weekend.

  3. Great post! Congrats on your tennis win! I used to be a big tennis player, I would love to start playing again but I can never find anyone who wants to play with me; they still think I'm really good but I never practice anymore so I'm nothing like I used to be.


  4. I definitely think I need that pencil pouch to match my planner. That's the one thing I forgot to bring to college!



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