Sunday, September 22, 2013

Happy Sunday!

Hello sweet readers!

I hope your Sundays are all off to a great start. After somehow avoiding catching the cold that has spread throughout my entire school (yes, I mean 1st through 12th grade), I finally am starting to feel it coming on. #ugh

Anyway, I just wanted to make a quick announcement that I have decided to blog everyday except for Sunday from now on. Sunday has become my day to unplug, evaluate for the week and catch up on things so I think for both you all and me this one day off will be better. But don't worry, I am still blogging the other 6 days of the week! Don't think you can get rid of me that easily ;)

Lastly, I thought I would leave you with this quote that has really made an impact on me lately. As much as you want to, don't spend your week putting off things you need to get done. Make a to-do list and figure out what you need to do, and how much time you have to do it. Of course, don't forget to schedule some time for you as well! 

Have a great rest of your weekend ladies!


  1. I am catching a cold too #whyme haha :)


  2. Feel better! Love that quote, great motivation!

  3. Taking Sunday off seems like a good plan! It's what I do most of the time- I use that day to schedule all my posts for the week so I don't have to worry about it when I have homework :)

  4. Oh no! Feel better! Load up on some ginger tea with lemon and honey great to fight a cold.

    Great blog btw :)


  5. Such a great motivational quote! Hope you feel better soon!



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