Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall Fashion Staples

I am so excited for fall. Like, full on exhilarated! Something about crisp new school supplies and jackets just put me in a wonderful state of mind. While January is technically a new year, going back to school and fall in general seems like a fresh start to me. 

Anywho, fall fashion is definitely getting me psyched. Pulling out blazers and wool sweaters is one of the best feelings in the world. That being said, based on what I already own and what I am saving up for, here are my Fall Fashion Staples:

1 :: Navy Blazer for that classic prep look. I promise you will wear this all season long!

2 :: Crossbody Bag preferably in a brown or tan shade. It'll match with nearly every outfit. 

3 :: Cable Knit Sweater for those crisp fall days; they look fabulous over jeans!

4 :: Gingham Shirt for layering under sweaters, jackets, vests and blazers. 

5 :: Quilted Vest in a fun color -- I have one in pink from J.Crew and love it to death!

6 :: Field Jacket for the all-of-the-above occasions. It is great with literally every outfit.

7 :: Riding Boots are the best thing ever. Classic and comfy: aka the best of both worlds. 

8 :: White Tennies which I've just decided can be worn year round. 

9 :: Tan Belt to pair with all pairs of pants for that extra little touch. 

10 :: Tortoiseshell Jewelry to add a little timeless flair!

Now I'm really interested to hear: what are your Fall Fashion Staples? 
Feel free to do a post about it and let me know! 


  1. Some of my fall fashion staples are Hunter boots, flats, something leopard, a good scarf, a fun sweater, and a few basic long sleeves!


  2. I really love your fall staples especially the cross body bag (that Tory Burch bag is amazing). I just bought one from J Crew that I love. White tennis shoes are also on my list. I love my navy converse but want to invest in a white pair. Great finds!

  3. Such an adorable post Caroline! I did a post similar to this, and have a lot of the same items. What can I say? Great minds think alike! :)



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