Monday, September 2, 2013

Crewcuts Looks We Love

Do you ever wish you could transform back into your 3rd grade body and live that fab elementary school life? I would hands down go back to those days when homework took 20 minutes, when winter seemed oh so happy without the stress of exams and when you got 11 hours of sleep every night. Most importantly, I miss the cute little clothes. Unfortunately, Crewcuts wasn't around when I was little so I was a Gap kid. But now that it is around, I can't help but swoon over the rather chic recess ensembles.

Seriously though. Can all these clothes get in my closet right. now.? 

Here's my faves:

My personal favorite. So grown up but so not at the same time. Best of both worlds?

Love the feel of sneakers with a skirt. 


I love how J.Crew emphasizes the fun yet simplicity of a button down with jeans and flats.

What do you think? I'm taken with Crewcuts for sure. Super fun inspiration for my fall wardrobe! 
I can't take credit for this whole Crewcuts thing; Christine inspired me to do this post!


  1. I love Crewcuts too, they have such adorable clothes!


  2. Oh I know, how I'd kill to be a size 12 and still be able to wear all their adorable stuff! And I was totally a gap kid too;)


  3. Have been enjoying all your posts! ! I think mine is too new to find! !

  4. Ohhh and P.P.S YOU can totally do an "Inspired By" Crew Cuts OOTD!!( I do it ALL the time!)


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