Monday, September 16, 2013

A New Way to Organize

I guess you could call me an organized person. Most of the time my room is tidy and my locker at school is spotless (partly because I never go to my locker but you get the idea!). I would surmise that I inherited this trait from my dad who claims his best friend is Windex haha! Anyway, the one thing I keep far from organized is my blogging. Sure, I come up with ideas in my head but don't have a way to collect my thoughts so I can actually remember them! (I am guilty of waking up in the middle of the night and writing down a post idea on a tissue next to my bed... not very orderly!) Besides that, during the school year my blogging world and school world completely mash together. There's no one or the other; I go from one thing to the next and as a result I am not efficient, keeping me up much later than I should be.

So, after giving it much thought and thinking that this horrible habit must change before the school year is in full swing, I have come up with a system to organize images for blogging and also a way to record post ideas.
I remembered that I picked up this cute little notebook at the Blogher conference from the expo and it is the perfect little way to write down posts ideas! I keep it on my desk and record any ideas I have. When I write them up, I simply cross it off the list! Easy enough, right? 

Now the other thing I need to work on is the organization (or storage rather) of images I collect for citrus & style. It's so easy to just keep them all splattered on your home screen without a way to really see what is where. What I've decided to do is create 2 desktop folders: School Stuff and My Stuff (right image). Super simple. In the My Stuff folder I have several mini folders (left image) like Backgrounds for my desktop, Blog stuff, Personal pictures and my Printable agenda. My Blog folder has tons of mini folders in it too so I can just drag images right into the separate folders and that way it is super easy to access them. It was really important for me to organize in a way that is easy to keep up with. I am definitely one to get lazy and not put things back where they belong. I'm hoping this method will be effortless and become a habit!

How do you organize your blogging? 
Let me know if you want to see more organization posts-- I really enjoy writing them!


  1. I always write down blog ideas in my planner and then I write my post ahead of time so I won't have to worry about writing super late! These are great ideas you shared :)


  2. This is what I do! I write my idea down in my monogrammed notebook (of course) and I write out a plan for each week!

  3. I have similar folders on my macbook, a Blog folder, and a Picture folder for pictures I plan on using in the future. I also use the sticky note app to write down blog post ideas and then I delete them when I'm done. I love the idea of getting a little notebook for when you're out, I've been using the notes app on my iPhone.

  4. Le Pens are my favorite! I do the same thing on my macbook as you do with the different folders! Great tips!


  5. I use the Le Pens as well--and love them! Great tips!



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