Monday, August 19, 2013

Fall 2013 at J.Crew

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend ;)

The other day I stopped into J.Crew after being curious about the not-as-I-expected recent style guide. Besides the cover (swoon!) and a few looks, I just felt like the entire thing was sort of.... bland.

After going into the store, though, I discovered how wrong I was! Yes, the overall color scheme was a bit dull but isn't that the sort of feeling you get when in transition from Summer to Fall? Please say that isn't just me. But I was pleasantly surprised to say the least.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite little goodies I found:
I looove the whole navy and green combo. That outfit? To-die-for. 

I think this would be a fabulous outfit for night-time football games. I can already figure out how to recreate it in my head! 

 These army green pants are a fresh take on the classic dark green. I'm really craving some!!

Even though I own a light chambray top, I can't help but love this one too! Super chic right?

Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. 

I'm actually loving a lot of it! Well, there goes my hard-earned summer money ;)
Are you loving J.Crew's Fall 2013 Collection as much as me?


  1. I am in love with that first outfit. I am dying for the Tilda Rhinestone top and a cute denim jacket!

  2. I just love their whole collection this fall season, especially the sparkle collared shirt in the first picture :)


  3. I'm LOVING that chambray shirt! Fabulous post- so glad I found your blog.


  4. I know! At first, I was like this is all you have?! But once I saw it in store, I was pleasantly surprised.



  5. Definitely loving it! I picked up the Oxford tank in the first picture and can't wait to style it for Recruitment in the next few weeks.


  6. Yes, gurl, yes! I'm head over heels in love with all of those looks! I was about to blow all my money on the Lilly sale today, but I may have to rethink that...;) Can't wait for fall!


  7. All of these looks are absolutely perfect in every single way! I love the navy and green skirt, very different! Did you see the brown leather invitation clutch they had there?! I'm saving my money to buy it.


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