Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Week in Workouts

So here's the thing: I'm obsessed with getting exercise. What I've learned over the past year or so is to really find what kind of physical activity you love. You don't have to be running 10 miles or lifting 50 pound weights to get what is considered a "great workout". Going for a nighttime stroll or playing an hour of tennis with friends is just as good for you, and is much more fun! Since I am on the tennis team for my school this fall, that has really been taking up my exercise schedule. (I've also been playing for varsity for the first time which is super exciting for me-- it's much more of a hardcore workout so it definitely has its pros and cons!) And if I had to say one thing, it's that a cute workout outfit you feel fabulous in can really make a difference. (That's nice motivation right there!) 

Here's a version of what I've been wearing to workout lately. Stripes, pink and green -- how's a girl to say no to shedding a few calories?!

While I don't have a certain routine I stick to week to week, here's what one week of workouts could look like: 
Complete with tons of fun activities that don't seem like an intense workout!

Recently, I've learned the importance of stretching to warm up your muscles. In the past I haven't really stretched much but I feel much less sore after I do!

Aside from my cardio workouts, I try to do a little Strength exercise daily as well. It doesn't always happen but I set an alert on my iPhone so I make myself do it!
This workout is great for strengthening arms, legs and abs! 

So that's about it.
Let me know your workout routine in the comments below or 
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  1. I've started swimming again because I actually have fun while doing it! Def agree with that - working out needs to be fun. Or else I get burned out and don't want to do it!

    <3, Charlotte

  2. Photo creds ;) Hmm I may have to use this workout! Btw I volunteer to be the friend you walk to starbucks with


  3. I definitely agree that colorful outfits can make working out more enjoyable! A cute pair of colorful Nikes is motivational :)

    - Melissa


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