Friday, August 16, 2013

40 Love :: Krass & Co. Review

Hello everyone!

Today I have a super fun post for you with lots of pictures from a recent afternoon of tennis. The best part? I was donning my favorite new shorts from Krass & Co, a classy athletic apparel brand that are literally "comfortable yet classy", just like their motto. The brand started off with a men's line and has somewhat recently introduced a women's line which I love to death. The shorts are so so soft and lightweight which are perfect for the hot tennis season ahead (more on that in the future). I adore these shorts because they fit just like the infamous Nike "norts" but are way more comfy. And preppy. I mean, win win? Enjoy!

 Clearly, I wasn't in the mood to run ;)
Water break!

I am seriously obsessed with these shorts (I mean the name Prep Schools is half the obsession!). And as if it couldn't get good enough, Krass & Co. has generously offered to give you all 20% off your purchase using the discount code "citrusandstyle"! Now get shopping! 

Have you checked out Krass & Co. before?


  1. For some reason the coupon would not apply. They are so cute I think I will have to grab a pair anyway!

  2. Why are you so stinkin' adorable?! Just ordered a pair! :)



  3. Coupons were down for a little on our site this morning. It should be working now!

    - Pierson Krass

  4. get 20% off Krass & Co. with the code levinger_20


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