Sunday, July 21, 2013

Twinning for the Winning

Ok. So Frannie and I have this problem where we have exactly the same outfits. Not even that, but practically the exact same clothes! So far we have come up with at least 3 of the exact same outfits... right down to the jackets and jewelry! Pretty scary, huh? ;)

For example, our mutual obsession for our J.Crew whale sweater (that we bought at the same time).

A little freaky... no? 

Not to forget this little ensemble: 

Same jackets, jacks, bangle, phone/ phone case, and (nearly the) same shorts and chambray.

 Oh god, it's just too funny!

We've decided that we will start planning to wear the same thing... since we would twin anyway! haha

Kind of a random post but I thought I'd be interesting ;)


  1. You two are absolutely adorable. Such cute outfits.



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