Tuesday, July 30, 2013

From Day to Night

Lately I have really been trying to invest in pieces that are versatile, whether that means they can be worn in two different seasons or for both a day look vs. a night look. When you buy versatile items, it means you have a more well rounded wardrobe and often get more bang for your buck!

One of the things I looked at while at J.Crew Factory was this dress. It can easily be styled for both a day look at the beach or a night out with the girls! Very versatile in my opinion!

Here's how I would style it:

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I love a dress with classic white tennies look. Super effortless yet chic at the same time. For the night look, I can't get enough of the whole wicker trend and I think the necklace-dress combination is absolutely stunning! Not to mention those Target wedges look exactly like J.Crew's.... ;) 

Do you own any pieces that are really versatile?
I need some new ideas!


  1. I have this really cute Gap shirt dress that easily transitions from day to night!


  2. Absolutely love the day look! So chic!


Thank you so much for your fabulous comment! xx