Sunday, July 7, 2013

Color Crush :: Lavender

I have never really been a fan of the color purple. Something about a deep purple just seems a bit.... moody to me. A while back I was having a discussion with Sig about the color and she made a good point: "It's funny... there are literally no preppy people that like the color purple. They all like pink and green!" Isn't that so true?

But then when the whole pastels thing came into style, I kind of reevaluated the color. While the generic "purple" is not my fave, I have learned to love the color lavender!

Lavender is the perfect shade of purple and just screams spring and summer. I truly think it could brighten up an outfit as well!

What do you think of the color lavender?
Are all you preppies a fan?


  1. I love lavender! It's such a gorgeous color and looks great on so many people!


  2. I so agree with you C! I really don't like the color purple, but lavender is a different story! Lavender is such an adorable, fun and sweet color. I'm loving those lavender Sperry's too!

    xoxo, Katelyn

  3. I've always loved lavender! The colour, the flower, the scent... It's one of my favourite things! I wear OPI's "Lucky lucky lavender" polish on my toes all the time :)

    Charlee Anne @

  4. So pretty! Love the scarf!



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