Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What's New at Thomas Kelly

Hey friends!

Remember a while back when I met Kelly from Thomas Kelly? Well she was so generous as to send me home to review a pair of her new Ladera Leggings in black houndstooth! I was so so busy in the time from then til now that I hadn't really had the chance to do a proper review. So.... I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about them!

These are the leggings she gave me. They are thicker than the other Ladera Leggings she has (in an adorable navy with gingham cuffs!) and feel more structured. I must admit, it is a bit difficult to find things to match with a lighter navy legging so these black ones are the best of both worlds! And I literally cannot rave on enough about those houndstooth cuffs ;) 

The other black option are the Padaro Pants. I don't have these but would be shocked if they were anything but wonderful! 

I wore them to a walk downtown and got a bunch of compliments on them ;)

 While I was at the trunk show Kelly showed me some future additions to the store. Boy will you be in for a treat! Also, if you follow along on her Instagram, you would see that she just had a photo shoot for the line. Kelly said they got a vintage car to use as a prop so I cannot wait to see everything! Thomas Kelly really has some great things coming so stay tuned! (I'll probably do a post when the pictures go up because yes, I am that obsessed.) 

All in all, I am so happy with the leggings and really recommend them for all girls! They still give you that legging feel with just a little more support and structure (nicer and way less see through than normal Target ones). And thank you so so much again to Kelly for letting me review them!!

Have you seen the new black pants?

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