Sunday, June 2, 2013

Oh How I have missed you

TV. Oh how I have missed watching TV. Because I have been so short on time during the weekdays, I catch up on my favorite TV shows on the weekend. But I have finally come to the realization that school will be over in 3 days and it registered in my brain that I will have time to watch some quality television. Victory!

This exciting revelation led me to another thought. I need to find some more shows to watch! I mean, I am of course addicted to reruns of The Hills and the weekly Modern Family and The Middle (now their seasons are over, bahhh) but I feel like everyone watches such sophisticated shows like Mad Men and Gossip Girl. Don't get me wrong, I love Gossip Girl but I would really love to watch something that is actually currently still airing new episodes on TV. Mad Men on the other hand is a little too sophisticated for my liking.

Here are the current shows I have been hooked on within the past year:

Ahh the Rachel Zoe Project. Such fashionable entertainment!

The Hills is the best. It makes my life seem so drama free!

Million Dollar Decorators is grrreat. I absolutely love Mary MacDonald and her gigantic jewelry/ clothing collection. 

And that's about it....
What shows do you watch?
I need some inspiration here people!! 


  1. I watch GLee, it just ended season wise but I love all of the drama {even if it is pointless}.

    1. Ooh I have never watched that but have heard the best things about it!

  2. Well I enjoy watching documentaries on youtube about serial killers, mysterious illnesses, and past civilizations but I kind of doubt you'd enjoy those....

    Sooo for normal shows I'd recommend 90210, Pretty Little Liars (never watched it but everyone else loves it soo), Freaks and Geeks, Skins (may disturb you), and New Girl.


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