Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Happy Wednesday dearies!

I thought for today I would hop on the "What I'm loving Wednesday" bandwagon and share some things I am currently delighting in.

{What I'm pinning}

Isn't this so great? I must remember this for those dreary Mondays!

{What I am smelling}

Sounds odd but April showers do indeed bring May flowers! I am loving these flowers in our living room-- I mean isn't that pink just divine? They really do smell fabulous though. 

{What I'm wearing}

I kinda sorta forgot about this beauty I scored back in January and think it is the perfect thing to spice up my otherwise bland uniform! That blue is one of my favorite colors right now but do you think it is a little much to wear to school? (I'd love to hear your thoughts!)

{What I recently purchased}

Ok, I recently bought this little beauty (I have been swooning over it for months now) but it really is little. It's tiny! 5 by 7 to be exact. Oops, should have read the fine print. Therefore, I am waiting to use it as a little agenda for the summer time when I don't have tons of homework to record. 

{How I'm exercising}

Thanks to an idea on Pinterest, I created my own plank chart! The time I have to plank slowly increases by the day so I have rock solid abs for summer! (HA. As if that would ever happen.... I mean really though.) But a girl can dream right? 

What are you loving lately?


  1. Amazingly enough, I did this through the winter, and i defintely have more definition! I started with 30 seconds and increased it by 30 seconds about every two weeks. I can plank for 2 minutes now!:) goodluck! xo.C

  2. LOVE the "10 ways to make a day great"! So cute!


  3. If the necklace matches with the rest of your uniform, I say go for it!! I bet you would get a lot of compliments! ;)


  4. I personally think the necklace is fine--and really cute! Love all the WILW too!!



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