Thursday, April 18, 2013

Organize Me: Study Guides

Hi ladies!

I hope you liked my last Organize Me post because today I have another one for you!

Study guides!

With exam season coming up (noooooo why must it come so soon) knowing how to organize your study guides is essential. And my previous exam grades were not where I wanted them to be so I have completely re-evaluated my preparation process and have come up with some new ideas. I thought I would share with you my study guide process with you! 

I decided to share this with you and while I recommend making a study guide like this, what's important is to find what works for you. I'm a very visual person so I have to have everything written out in front of me. Also, please take note that this study guide is for smaller quizzes and tests; the one I am sharing with you is for my small quiz in my history class. 

Anywho, let's get started!

Here is the front.....

.....and the back!

For history class, I divided up the required material into time periods. Our class created our own time periods (ex. Period E is 20th century to current) so I separated it by that. What I find useful is chunking it out into little sections and focusing on one thing at a time. 

After that I wrote out important terms/ information. It varied for each time period but I mainly focused on big ideas for each. 

I have started doing this for each quiz/ test and I must say my grades are slowly improving. Since our grade transitioned into the 1:1 program (laptops.... sigh), I find that I learn better when I write things out. I'm glad I found this out sooner rather than later though, because I can finally study more efficiently. 

The College Prepster has some great study tips as well!
I hope you enjoyed this and I'm sure as exams come closer I will write a different post on studying. 
How do you study?
Thanks for reading! ;)

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